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Paint Protection Film


Think of Paint Protection Film as your first line of defense against the damaging bug acids, stone chips and weather that can mar the condition and beauty of your vehicle. Thanks to the latest technical innovations in Paint Protection Film  your car, SUV, truck, van, RV, boat or motorcycle can have an invisible shield to protect it from such hazards with Hexis Bodyfence paint protection film.

You may want to guard the leading edges of the hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights and the bumper, or shield all painted surfaces to keep your new car looking factory fresh.



  • Stone & Chip Protection:

    • Nicks, chips, scratches and pitting from flying road debris happen. You can try to steer clear of the worst gravel roads, rocky terrains and potholed streets, but you can’t avoid them completely. The automobile chip protection built into the invisible Hexis Bodyfence film takes the worry away, so you can enjoy the ride.Our strong films are engineered to actually absorb the impact from stones and chips, invisibly guarding vulnerable areas such as hoods, fenders, bumpers, headlamps, rocker panels, rear bumper loading edges and door edges.


  • Bug Splatter:

    • There’s no avoiding bug splatters on your vehicle. You can, however, minimize the damage done by these critters with Hexis Bodyfence Film. With our invisible automotive paint protection guards, those unsightly bug splatters, and the acids they leak, will stick to the surface of the film, not to your vehicle’s paint. The splatters simply wash off, making it easy to keep your vehicle’s body and headlights clear and unobstructed.


Should your paint become scratched, the BODYFENCE protective film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water. Scratches appear on the car body when using automatic mechanical car wash brushes, when rubbing against bushes on road sides, during everyday use or due to an act of vandalism.


All these scratches will disappear from the surface of the protective BODYFENCE film thanks to the heat of the sun or just rinsing with hot water. Your original paint is preserved … Forever Young!

The BODYFENCE protective film contains an anti-adhesion component. Thus, dust and dirt will adhere much less to the car body. Cleaning will be less frequent and significantly easier.



  • If you want complete coverage, including your hood, fenders, mirrors, bumpers, rocker panels, door edges, door caps, roofs and doors, for your car, SUV, truck, van or RV, boat, or motorcycle. You’ll never have to worry when traveling up rocky climbs, down bug-infested country roads or past grimy construction sites. Not when you take steps to cover your vehicle with our clear, high-quality invisible shields.

  • Hexis Bodyfence Paint Protection film is manufactured to withstand heavy abuse and to fit a wide range of makes, years and models. And our certified, trained technicians will fit your kit perfectly, so you can be confident that the job is done right. We can also provide custom coverage should a kit not be available or the client may have “out of the box” requests.

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